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Honeymoon Visiting Places

Places To Visit In Dubai For Honeymoon


If you have a desire to visit Dubai on your honeymoon, this article can be of your help. Here, you can go through some of the outstanding locations that you must not miss. If you have thought of visiting Dubai for your honeymoon, surely it is for the first time you are visiting the city.

So, the places given in this list can be exciting for all first-timers in the city. For now, go through this article to know more about the places. Have a look:

Places You Must Not Miss While On A Dubai Honeymoon

This list contains some locations in the city that are world-famous while others that are off-beat. So, you can cover both on your honeymoon. Check out below:

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is one of the world-famous locations in Dubai. Probably, there is none who misses this place while on a trip to this city. So, you must witness it to make your honeymoon a truly memorable affair.

Yet another thing you can keep in mind is to reach the top of it. Do not forget to take photos with your partner from the observation deck.

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the second place where you can be with your better half. Here, you can spend a lot of time shopping and enjoying the gaming zone. Now, before you leave the mall, check out the Underwater Zoo at this place.

It is a massive marine aquarium where you can see sea fishes swimming by your side. Time for another photo! Do not miss it.

Burj Al-Arab

The Burj Al-Arab, like the Khalifa, is yet another magnificent building that you should visit on your Dubai honeymoon. Here, you can get a chance to indulge in water amusements like boating, cruise rides, and snorkeling.

The building will always remain with pride in the backdrop. The best you can do is spend a half-day at this place. You can also try the local cuisines from any of the restaurants in this place.

The Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a narrow water passage that flows at the heart of the city. Well, this is the place where you can take a Dhow ride with your partner. It is, no doubt a unique location, and the ride shall be unique too.

You can even talk with the  Dhow pilots and expect them to say interesting facts about their city, country, and even life. Well, by now, you might be wondering: what is a Dhow? It is a traditional wooden boat that is made in the countries of the middle east. In ancient times, these boats were used for world trade.

Dubai Desert Safari

As you might already know, Dubai is a city where the desert meets the sea. So, there is no point in giving all the time to the sea. You, along with your partner can go for a dune bash. This can be a unique experience and a daunting one too.

You can feel the thrill while the safari car would rage along the golden sand of the Arabian Desert. There are multiple points in the city from where the safari starts. All you have to do is reach up to one and book a ride.

Final Words

So, these are some places where you can be for a honeymoon in Dubai. However, it would always be better if you consult with your travel agent and get a proper itinerary. Moreover, you should always book the hotels and transportation accordingly.

As you plan for reaching Dubai, keep in mind that it is an expensive city. So, be very choosy regarding the hotels if you are on a budget.

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